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From 100127 (Steep Ravine)

Creativity is good - but it's hard to put a dollar figure on.  

Put your favorite artists, movements, paintings, songs, sculptures, essays, poems and everything creative in your personal as you browse. Come back to learn more about your favorites, what your friends are doing and even buy and sell local art.

Coming soon: mobile scans and uploads, more artists, more love, more features.

From founders AC, KK, CF + CC (for now):



Cam Fortin:

I make a salary as the director of business development at But I draw my inspiration and enthusiasm from friends, family and the natural world. There is an artist inside everyone. We want to create an audience for your work - even if that audience is just you for now. I want to use for three things.
  1. Discovery and learn more about local artists
  2. Share my personal art with friends and maybe a broader audience
  3. Sell, buy and trade art I love, both my own and people I meet on
Contact: @camfortin, @socialdiscovery,